07 June 2013

Four year olds don't get sweeter than this!

Umm...  This is an old, old draft.  I think I meant to upload pictures to it and forgot.  It made me laugh :)

She never forgets...

Jocee: Mommy, I'm glad you don't wear socks anymore.
Me: It's too hot for socks right now.
Jocee: No, you can't wear them. They're not good for you.
Me: [I just turned and looked at her, confused.]
Jocee: Remember, Mommy?? You fell.
Me: I didn't fall...
Jocee: Your socks were making you slip everywhere. So when you got me my milk you slipped across the floor and fell like, that [smacking the table for emphasis]. Over there...[pointing to the family room].
Me: Oh, that. You still remember that??
Jocee: [Nodding her head] You falled and slided. You screamed a little bit, too. Like, 'Eeee!'

Note: That was months ago; maybe March. She must think of me in the most flattering light. ;)

She's such a back seat driver!
Jocee: "Mommy! Red light! STOP!!"
Me: "Joce, I will when I get to there. It's far away."
Jocee: "Ooh! Hehe! Sorry!"
Jocee: "It just turned green! Don't stop!"
Me: "How's that Princess book you're not reading??"

She is always so forgiving.
Like the other day when I was getting ready to leave... Both girls where following me from one room to another. They wanted to "help" clean, put makeup on with me, and just be underfoot.

My patience was lacking, and I had been raising my voice too much. I started to feel bad.

Me: "Jocee, I'm sorry for being cranky. I haven't been very nice today. I will be nicer."
Jocee: "No, Mommy. You're nice of all."
Me: "Not today.."
Jocee: "There is nicer, nicest, and nice of all. You, are the nice of ALLLL."

She is fashion conscious.
Jocee: "Is this string supposed to be my sleeve?"
Me: "Yes...it's a strap. That's a tank top."
Jocee: "But it's so teeny..."
Me: "Do you not like it?"
Jocee: "Could you not buy me a sleeve?"

She sees the best in people.
Like when she introduces me to her little friends at the park...
"This is my Mommy. Her name is Ginny. Isn't she soo pretty?"

I love my Jocee M.

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