09 June 2013

Meet my new BF, TED!!

Just kidding.
I don't even remember what exactly TED stands for.

I really love it though.  I love anything or anyone who reminds me that we're all connected; anything that makes me pause and think a little deeper or just step outside of myself.  I've found a bunch on Pinterest, or through a used-to-be SIL.  (Not sure what we are now, but I love her too.)

So in an effort to pay it forward...

Brene Brown changed my life (at a time when I was feeling emotionally exploited and wondering how I could stop being vulnerable)...  Just in time :)

Elizabeth Gilbert and I should be real life friends...

Sarah Kay... Just, thank you! So much.

There are more.  But those are my current top three.

If you have the hour to spare, it'll be time well spent.


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