22 June 2013

New blawg??

I'm considering it.

Posting to this one feels so foreign now.  It's kind of like trying to resuscitate something.  I'd need to change things around a bit.

And if I start a new one, it won't be like a normal mommy blog.  I won't be braggy about my super fun life (it really is so fun now).  I'm sure posting pictures would be a rarity.  And they won't be edited.  Who has the time??  We are what we are.   

Things that might stop me...
1. Mommy-ness
2. School
3. School
4. Real life
5. Pinterest
6.  Every other form of social media that I may or may not have bashed at some point.

Maybe I will.

But if I do I'll post a link here, before I leave this one to fend for itself. (Jk...I'll get it bound in book for the chickies.  Then I'll leave it.)

1 comment:

Tracie said...

Just so you know. Someone out here still reads your blog from time to time and thinks about you and your sweet babies and Ben. Be who you are. Others are bound to follow wherever your amazingness takes you.