29 November 2012


I should be embarrassed.  But I'm not.  Actually, I never get embarrassed.  Ever.  Here are some things you might be embarrassed about if you were me. 

  • My dusty blog.  What's a blog?  Meh.
  • Seriously, I don't even recognize Blogger right now.
  • The Hello Kitty stickers my babes cluttered my car windows with.
  • How messy that car is right now.  
  • The fact that the barista taking my order at DD finished my sentence for me.
  • That new Ke$ha song...I like it way more that any 29 year old mother of two should.
  • You're not a real Hill girl unless you've managed to fall down a flight of stairs (without injury), and Buggy makes me proud. 
  • All the cool kids have iPhones.  I use their autocorrect fails in everyday life.  "Read donkey lists" for example.
  • Mean Girls... It needs it's own board on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest.
  • I know what "No shame, good integrity" means.  I'm pretty sure T. Thorpe does, too.
  • Sometimes.... #Ijustwantothashtageverything.  Sometimes I resist that urge.
  • I still use a thesaurus when composing papers.
  • Annnd I've been writing 1-2 papers a week for the last...17ish months.
  • I'm 99.999% sure I have ADD.  If I get into grad school I'll get tested.  If I fail that test, I will be scraping by in a heavily caffeinated state.
  • My GPA is still top notch, so I know caffeine works wondrously.
  • The fact that I typed wondrously, and didn't delete it.
Hey! It's okay!

I should be doing homework right now.  Obviously.

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