01 February 2015

Ginny Moments

Remember when it seemed like everyone had a blog?  Remember how fun it was to read people's life updates??  Now the only blog posts I read are the ones I find on Pinterest.  But it's just not the same.  Those blogs are usually written by women who have found a solid niche.  Ya know...healthy living, fitness, organization, crafting (hah!), DIYs (hahhh), how to be the best mother ever....--Good for them!  Really.

But why do I have a blog??
I definitely don't have a blogging specialty or agenda.
I don't update with any regularity.  I don't even consider myself a good writer.  Honestly.  In fact I remember telling a friend back in 2010, that I felt like a freakish train wreck; and that maybe the majority of the people reading my blog just couldn't look away.  It felt like that Hemingway quote, "There is nothing to writing.  All you have to do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."
How uplifting...

But today, maybe the question to ask myself is, why do I have THIS blog??
I've considered leaving it and starting fresh for...ever now.  There's so much old, stale energy attached to it.  Remembering it all feels so heavy, and unnecessary.

But now what? 
A new blog? (If I want to keep blogging then the answer to that is, 'Duh, YES!')

What should this new blog be about?
Blonde moments?  Sure.  There will always be an abundance of those.
Mommy life? Maybe.  I'm so proud of those girls.  They amaze me on a regular basis.  But they are getting older and I feel a need to protect their privacy.
I could blog about my fumbling through the longest grad program ever. Maybe.  All the things I diagnose myself with daily.  (Although I have been reassured that my Kidney Qi is in tact.)  Or that one time I had trouble locating someone's pubic symphysis during a practical test. (So so glad I brought the bf along to be my model for that one...  He forgave me. lol)  That Conception vessel channel can be tricky!

The BF??  
Nope.  Off limits.  He's super private and I'm super selfish.  I'm keeping that to myself. :)
I will say that if I compiled a list of all the qualities I've ever wanted in a partner, he embodies that list and exceeds it.  And I love and adore him more than I thought humanly possible.

What should I call the blog??
That kind of depends on how I want to label myself...  And that's so hard to do.

Seriously though, I do have a URL, and if it continues to feel right, I'll share it.
[Insert happy emojis here.]


1 comment:

Carl Nelson said...

Hey Ginny - I check this every once in awhile - just to see how you are. Saw the "littles" Sunday and they were impatient to get home and get on with the Easter Egg Hunt. I also got a long explanation of the word "future." Fun stuff.

As far as your blog and whether you should continue or not - can't tell you. It isn't about excellent writing or the other things you mentioned. Perfection and perfect clarity is not required. I personally am just interested in the process of healing and moving on with your life. What you've been through was terrible and brought you to a deep low point in life. Sharing how you felt and us here watching you dig back into life and get back on your feet has been inspirational and something I've enjoyed. I feel like an uncle who has just appreciated hearing about how you work through all that happened to be where you are. It is the feelings about what you are going through that are the meat - because life IS feeling.

So if you were still updating occasionally about the process of healing and where you are in your emotions, and your observations and whatever else is part of this process - THAT is the value. We all go through great losses in our life and believe it or not, your words matter and we store them for times when we'll need to go through it ourselves. Your journey matters greatly - not just for you, your family and your children - but for friends and family who appreciate your honesty and vulnerability.

So, hope that helps - and is my 2 cents . . .