23 June 2013

Don't judge me, but...

  • I find that monologue that Paul Rudd gives Reese Witherspoon about Play-Doh at the end of How Do You Know kind of inspirational.
  • my celebrity crush is Paul Rudd.   He can do no wrong.
  • Adam Sandler too...  But only in Big Daddy and Just Go With It.
  • I completely relate to This is 40
  • that club scene really resonates...(along with the rest of it).  Perfection.
  • sometimes I forget simple words and spend way too much time trying to describe them.  For example, on my parents' 31st wedding anniversary I said, "You know that thing?? That word... Where you get married and then you celebrate it every year--Congrats on that!" Real life.
  • I kind of hate that I use big words in everyday conversations.  I have to consciously try to use more normal/simple words.  WTF is that?!
  • I often get an urge to comment on chronically whiny statuses.  Sometimes I'll type a snarky response and quickly delete it.  Someday that may backfire...
  • I tried online dating once.  Never again. 
  • salad is my most favorite food ever.  Almost any kind.  If a guy can handle this, he may get a second date.
  • I've only recently developed my douche radar.  Live and learn!
  • I kind of hope some of these guys have insecure girlfriends who go through their FB messages and texts.  That would be so epic... 
  • Forever Young by Rod Stewart makes me cry.  I think of my kids.
  • ^^That has happened in public.^^  Two weeks ago at Jocee's kindergarten presentation, her teacher used it for a slideshow.  I knew I was in for it as soon as the song started.
  • I tear up on a daily basis---almost always because I'm happy or sentimental about something.

Actually, go ahead and judge me.  But don't get your panties in a bunch! ;) 


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