26 January 2014

Mommy Win :)

Jocee is now 6, and in the first grade.  Her teacher says that she is kind to everyone in class, has a lot of friends, and loves math and writing.  At home, she is the best big sister, and likes to help me whenever she can.  I'm proud of her everyday.  But two weeks ago, I got to be a little extra proud...

A little boy in her class had made fun of her polka dot pants.  He told her they looked silly, and for weeks after she refused to wear them to school.  We had a lot of conversations about it, and I tried to encourage her to wear what makes her happy.  But none of it seemed to reach her.  He had said she looked silly; that's all that mattered.

Then one morning before school, she had her polka dots on.  I asked her is she was sure that she wanted to wear the outfit school...and she was!  We just smiled at each other.

But then when my mom asked her why she was wearing her polka dots, she confidently replied, "Because Mommy said that if I like something I should wear it anyway.   Not everyone will like my outfits, and that's okay.  They have their own clothes."

She was so self-assured, so innocent, and sincere.  I felt tears of gratitude well up.
On the way to school I told her how happy I was for her, and we talked about how some people can say mean things.  And how we can still be nice.  

She was so happy to finally wear her favorite pants to school again.  And I was so happy to see her strut into school with all the confidence I wished I had at 6.

That's my girl.
And I know her Daddy couldn't be more proud. 

PS... She came home smiling big, and told me that she "had the best day." :)

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